Mission Statement

The seed is always the starting point for the creation of any life force. The germination of a seed is the bringing into life of a plant; it is the fulfillment of nature’s vision, the essence of creation. The tree can only grow from the seed into its full glory with an abundance of sun and rain showering its leaves. In the same vein a creative vision can only be realized by combining the knowledge and passion of the creator. True craft is the tireless fulfillment of a creative vision bringing design to life. True creation is the embodiment of time and the life force of the maker.

We live in a world with less and less time, where our aspiring lifestyles demand creations of beauty at ever more competitive prices. Modern pressures have forced into being a marketplace brimming with mass-produced machine-made products that are lifeless. As time and life have been lost from the production, so creative essence is often absent from affordable products. As machines have replaced craftsmen traditional skills learned over centuries have, in many countries, died.

The Icon Furniture Company challenges this modern tragedy by revitalizing dying crafts and skills and applying them in new ways to the creation of authentically crafted furniture. The Icon Furniture Company brings design to life guided by tradition. With generations of experience and an array of talents within both its design and making, The Icon Furniture Company’s fine handmade furniture is crafted from the best woods in the world with knowledge and passion. The tree can now continue eternal life force by evolving into its new form within the home.

Our new creations resonate with a quality and distinctiveness that bring pleasure to those who come into contact with them and pride for The Icon Furniture Company the company. Our endeavours give to our pieces a ‘human touch’ lacking from so much furniture on the market, bringing meaning as well as life to the home. We intend to raise awareness of the importance of investing in modern craft, while making this investment opportunity more accessible. We are creating the ‘antiques of the future’ that live today and will be enjoyed for generations to come.